Ms. Hannah

Born in New Zealand and raised in Singapore, Chiu-Yi Anna Hannah Ezra Yukon creates filmic narratives, theatrical comedic absurdist plays, interactive games that challenge the inter-connectivity between lineage, knowledge and creation. Folk music about vegan food and aliens, her work swirls around entangling capitalism and its hold on the subconscious in relation to building intimacy and vulnerability between strangers. She received an MFA in Writing from Pratt Institute and an MA in Community Development and Planning from Clark University where she also completed her B.A in Theatre Arts and Women and Gender Studies. She is the founder of tittiesforchange, The Research Hub for Utopian Ideas and the founder and CEO of Liberatory Learners, an interdisciplinary international Minecraft school. She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with her roommates and cat, Micah. You can find out more about her work at www.cosmickitty.space.

Our Methodology

Investigating who we are is the first step to solving systemic problems

Lead by Paulo Freire’s teaching from in his international bestseller, “Pedagogy of the Oppressed,”, Hannah Yukon urges the student to investigate their natural talents by exploring their personal story beyond geography and cultural history. By celebrating vulnerabilities, one is able to delve into the deeper parts of themselves that often hold unique perspectives that could be vital pieces of the puzzle that we are focused on solving.

Our Mission

Ready, Set, Go

We have an opportunity to turn things around. The time is right now. The world needs your love, spirit, ideas, imagination, and care.

Our Philosophy

Mixed Ages, Positive Atmosphere, Playful Learning

This space has been created for change makers. It was conceived for those who are called towards creating lasting positive impact within themselves, their community and the world. With over 10 years of teaching experience, I have found that some of the most rewarding classes have involved students from different ages learning simultaneously, where knowledge is not stored away under the assumption that someone who is 9 “won’t get it”. This often keeps children contained within boundaries that limit their potential. When information is shared in a way that allows for different perspectives to shine through, learning becomes a navigational game of understanding and acceptance. Being exposed to different age groups while learning about self increases moments of reflexivity; a vital component for our future leaders. When a 3rd grader teaches an 8th grader how to “make it stop raining forever” or how to “make a mine cart from scratch”, the art of teaching incites inter-generational teamwork. This way of learning develops skills that travel beyond the classroom. This is not regular school. However, there are principles behind attendance. The success of each class depends on each students willingness to share and reflect in an honest, accepting, and peaceful manner with respect to one’s identity. Liberatory Learners does not tolerate violence of any kind. Students who violate our request will be invited for a parent/guardian sit-in session where we examine general behavior and discuss strategies for future participation.