Plastic Museum

Using plastic trash (bottle caps, plastic bags, wrappers) that we have collected over the week before the workshop, students will learn the different types and variations of plastic waste that is currently in circulation. Students will learn how to use their plastic trash to create plastic creatures that will be part of a gallery showcase at the end of the workshop. Students will learn how to make a tote bag from a T-shirt that will be used as a collection case for their plastic waste. After choosing their creature, we will build out our creatures over the next 6 weeks. Students with current active Minecraft accounts are encouraged to build a section of the “Plastic Museum” in their worlds. For other students who do not have access to Minecraft, we will focus on literacy, research and presentation skills. These students will build out the written components of our hypothetical plastic museum. There will also be various guest speakers and artists who will be teaching us how to recycle and reuse our plastic waste for practical and artistic purposes. (Gary Duseuk from Precious Plastics NYC, Susan Champeny who is an artist from Hawaii, and fingers crossed, Benjamin Von Wong) We will use discussions, research, and activities in order to apply our knowledge to the creations that we choose to build. Your plastic creations will be a testament to ending the plastic manufacturing industry. We will have a final presentation and gallery showcase at the end of our 6 weeks together through Zoom and/or in person at a library in NYC.

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