What Now Brown Cow?

Student Presentations and Gallery showcase their creations!

Students will learn how plastic pollution is related to slaughterhouses, allowing them to understand how plastic pollution has contributed to other sustainability issues in the world such as war, poverty, homelessness, and slavery. 

Students will be introduced to artistic creations inspired by the use of plastic in the world.

Students will learn about how plastic pollution is encouraged by restaurants, allowing them to see how the use of plastic containers, utensils, and packaging has caused the continued manufacturing of plastic.

Students will spend some time researching earth ships, and the Meow Wolf museum as we study the conversion process of the Meow Wolf and what makes this museum so different from other museums.

Students will learn about the current organizations that are doing the work in the world. We will look at organizations to understand how other materials can be used instead of plastic.

Students will review the 7 Different Types of Plastic covered in Week 1  in order to apply them to specific examples of plastic waste in each category.

Students will spend some time identifying some household items that they would like to change.

Students will spend this session journaling their ideal world. We will spend time in reflection and embark on a collective imagination portal.

Students will learn about ways plastic has been reused creatively, which will be the introduction to precious plastics and how we can use precious plastics as inspiration for our plastic museum.